Hello there, fellow knowledge seeker! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Michael, the creator of Dark Facts, and I’m thrilled you’ve found your way to my little corner of the web. Let me tell you a little about how this website came to be.

I’ve been a trivia hound for as long as I can remember. Learning has always been a passion of mine, but I’ve done it a little differently than most. In elementary school, it was tough to get engrossed in lessons and essays. But during independent reading time, you’d find me buried in the Encyclopedia Britannica or the Guinness Book of World Records, poring over facts and stats so deeply you’d think I was under hypnosis!

How I visualize myself -- me in my happy place
How I visualize myself when I’m in my happy place

I was like a bird, pecking away at books (and, later, websites) and picking out little tidbits of knowledge that captivated me. The adults in my life would refer to me as “the little professor” when I greeted them with my latest learnings. Instead of “hello,” I’d open a conversation with, “Did you know that monarch butterflies migrate 3,000 miles to get to Mexico for the winter?” or “I just learned that the first-ever video was recorded in 1888!”

Looking back, I can see that I was always drawn to the unique, the strange, the bizarre and the unbelievable. I loved amassing facts and sharing them with others. When I got home from school every day, I’d watch Jeopardy instead of cartoons, and I’d memorized so many Trivial Pursuit answers that not even my college professor parents could beat me on game night.

My fascination with trivia continued into high school, where I was on the quiz bowl team all four years. I specialized in science and history, and I’d like to think that my lifetime of accumulating knowledge helped us become state champions during my junior and senior years. Quiz bowl was where I really came into my own as a person. It taught me to apply my love of facts to more practical pursuits — and it gave me great material for the college application essay that would get me into Cornell, my dream school.

I would have majored in trivia if I could, but since that wasn’t a degree Cornell offered, I decided to go into biology. My early love of nature persisted and I felt as at home in the lab as I did at trivia night. Throughout college, I continued to participate in quiz bowl, though more casually this time — the Cornell course-load was so intense that I simply didn’t have any energy left over for trivia sometimes!

After I graduated, I got a job as a biological technician at a pharmaceutical company, where I’ve been ever since. It’s satisfying work, but after a couple of years on the job, I realized that I needed an outlet for all the facts floating around in my brain. One night, after an evening of trivia at the bar with my friends, the quizmaster complimented my performance and told me I should make a website to show off my skills.

And thus, Dark Facts was born. Now I have a way to share my favorite facts with the world — and an excuse to discover new ones. I aim to amuse, surprise, entertain and educate all who visit, and I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I enjoy running it!